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Weight Loss Tips

We can’t believe it is the last week of February and also the last week of our “10 Tips for Weight Loss” series! We hope our tips have been helpful in your weight loss journey! 

Here are the last two tips from our “10 tips for Weight Loss” series.   

Tip #9: Try to eat at home.  

It is hard to keep track of calories when eating out. Restaurants give us larger portions than recommended and we therefore feel tempted to overeat. Instead, try inviting friends over for a meal, bring your lunch to work, or even limit eating out to only one day a week. Remember, it is the little decisions that bring great results.    

Tip #10: Find a support group.   

It’s easier to stick with a weight loss plan when you have support, can share tips on diet and exercise and also if you have an exercise buddy. Support groups can also help your mental health if you should encounter challenges along the path to your new healthy lifestyle. Examples of support groups are: local exercise groups, coaches, online forums and groups, and clinic-based groups like psychologists, nutritionists, or Med First’s Medically Monitored Weight loss program. If weight loss classes or support groups don’t fit your needs, asking your friends and family for support is just as beneficial. It is helpful to have someone walking with you along your weight loss journey and who can encourage you to reach your goals.    

This is all for our 10 Tips for Weight Loss Series. We hope you can put these tips into practice and share them with others!  

As always, Med first is here to walk with you through your weight loss journey because we are care for now and care for life.