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Self-Scheduled COVID-19 Services Available now!

Now offering rapid COVID-19 Antibody, rapid covid-19 MOLECULAR (NAAT), and covid-19 PCR (SEND OUT) testing via self-scheduled in-clinic appointments.

Now, whether you are a new patient or an established patient, simply log in or sign up on our secure patient portal to effortlessly search for and book your Covid services appointment. In order to best serve you, we recommend an appointment to minimize wait times. For your convenience, most Covid-19 testing services are covered by insurance and Med First accepts most major insurances. Cash pay rates are also available for self-pay patients.

Covid-19 testing Available at Med First:

  • Covid-19 Rapid Antibody test
    • This test is an antibody test that uses a small drop of blood from the fingertip to assess if you have IgM and IgG antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19, with results available in 15 minutes. This test can show if you have previously had the Covid-19 infection or if your body has created the antibody proteins that help you fight infections, after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Covid-19 Rapid Molecular (NAAT) test
    • This antigen test uses a nasal swab to detect unique proteins from the virus that causes COVID-19. This test can detect the genetic material (RNA) of the virus. Both antigen tests and NAATs perform best if the person is tested when their viral load is generally highest, or when people are symptomatic. These tests are also used when exposure to a person with COVID-19 has occurred. Results are available in as few as 15 minutes and are processed onsite in our clinics. This test shows if you have a current infection.
  • Covid-19 PCR test– (send out test, available at select locations)
    • This test is a molecular point-of-care test that uses a nasal swab to detect unique proteins from the virus that causes COVID-19. This test rules out if you have a current infection and is typically considered more sensitive than the Antigen test and is sent to Quest laboratories for processing.

If you choose drive-up services for your Covid-19 testing, in order to receive your results after you are swabbed, you will be scheduled for a telemedicine visit with one of our healthcare providers later that same day. This telemedicine visit is a necessary step in order to receive your COVID-19 test results. If you are seen in the clinic, your results will be given to you prior to leaving your appointment.

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