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Behavioral Health

Connecting you to expert behavioral & mental health care services

At Med First, we understand that mental health is an integral part of our overall health and well-being. We believe mental health care should be accessible, affordable, and timely, which is why we have partnered with Concert Health. Concert Health connects a network of behavioral health providers to your Med First primary care provider to get you the care you need in less than 48 hours through the Collaborative Care Behavioral health program. Enrolling in this program means you will have access to counseling, education, and if needed, medication support for adults, seniors, adolescents, and children over the age of 6.

What to expect

When your Med First provider refers you to the Collaborative Care Behavioral health program, the Concert Health team will call you to schedule your first appointment. To best serve you, scheduling is flexible and you can choose to have your first appointment over the phone or on video, mornings, on weekends, or evenings.

Are these services covered by insurance?

This program is typically a covered primary care benefit through your insurance and any out-of-pocket cost is similar to the co-pay for a single primary care doctor’s office visit. The program’s monthly fee covers all of the Collaborative Care services, including psychiatric consultation, phone calls/video visits, and the collaboration between your behavioral health care clinician and your primary care provider. The Concert Health team will help you understand any costs before scheduling your first appointment.

Next Steps

If you have been struggling with feeling depressed, anxious, unable to stop worrying, or have lost interest in doing things you used to enjoy, talk to your Med First provider about getting connected with a licensed behavioral health clinician.
Remember, you are not alone. Med First is here to help.

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